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Windows define the appearance of your building over a long period of time and are therefore a reflection of your lifestyle. Whether you are choosing windows for new buildings, conversions, extensions or renovations, careful planning is crucial. Whether you want to set colour accents or design your facade with attractive forms, muntins and partitions. With our wide assortment of forms, colours and decors, there is no limit to your creativity.

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We spend more than 90% of our life in closed rooms. New building materials, modern paint, central heating and tight, well-insulated windows cause changes in the room climate. For this, Salamander Industrie-Produkte (SIP) offers climAktivPlus, a window accessory for reliable, energy-saving ventilation of all rooms.

Windows Structure

Choosing a new window is a very important decision and therefore requires careful planning. Besides visual factors, functional aspects as well as the characteristics of the profile also play a major role. To aid you in finding the window system that optimally meets your requirements, we have put together some tips and information about the windows.

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Our windows and doors are exceptionally stable and can withstand great forces. With special fittings, glazing and handles, the windows can be burglar-proofed according to need and function indefinitely.

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